Next in Deane Juhan’s Somatic Movement Therapy Series: Spine Webinar May 30

Join Deane Juhan for his next webinar on May 30!

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Are you a student or teacher of bodywork, yoga or other practices? This class is for you!

What You Will Learn:

  • Movements to unify shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle, legs, feet and spine
  • Adding the cervical column to the lumbar and thoracic columns
  • Extensively reviewing and deepening practice of all the previous classes
  • Moving the spinal core and its deepest muscles
  • Freeing every vertebra for flexibility forward, backward, side-bending, rotation and axial lengthening

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with a link and another email will be sent to you 2 hours and 10 min before the event starts. CEUs available with NCBTMB. See Deane’s complete schedule for his Somatic Movement Therapy Series Webinars. Visit YogaKula to register.


Deane Juhan - Somatic Movement Therapy Webinar - Spine - Hands on a man's Back