by Deane Juhan

The Enigma of Changing Habits - You Have to Get Somatic

By: Marenka Cerney 30 years ago this year Job’s Body was published. This 8-part essay is a tribute to Deane Juhan’s unparalleled narrative of the body. Included in this essay is an interdisciplinary synthesis between aspects of Deane Juhan’s “Job’s Body” and Eckhart...

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Touching Upon Touch

While the English language has no word that adequately names an entity that fully embraces and fuses the physical and mental dimensions of our being, and while a still-pervasive Cartesian conceptual framework perpetuates the the notion of a clear distinction between body and mind, our language does have a word which–in its richly manifold meanings–embodies the multi-layered dynamics that permeate our flesh, our feelings, our thoughts and our relationships with one another and with the world.

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Resistance/Release Work Underlying Principles

The polarities of energetic forces--attraction/repulsion, expansion/contraction, push/pull, resistance/release--are the essence of all organizations of matter, from atoms to molecules to cell membranes to complex life forms. Virtually all our varieties of activity,...

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What is a Miracle?

The eminent British biologist Gregory Bateson once said that "A miracle is a materialist's idea of how to escape from his materialism." That is to say, miracles are the back-door explanations for events occurring outside the commonly accepted laws of natural...

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