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What We Offer

Private Sessions in Trager Psycho-Physical Integration: Resistance and Release Work

$200, approximately 2 hours


Tutorials in Trager Perspectives: Resistance and Release Work

In a one-on-one tutorial, Deane will work on you showing you his approach, then you will work on Deane as he guides you with feedback. Or, as an alternative, you can bring a silent partner as a “client”; Deane would demonstrate, and guide your practice.

With two students, Deane would demonstrate on each of you, then guide your practice while you work on one another.

With a small class of four, he would demonstrate on one of you, and guide your practice on one another.

One-on-one, $200 for two hours.

Two students, $125 apiece.

Four students, $100 apiece.

Deane Studio

Our studio is on the third floor of a white building. Look for a blue awning with white lettering.

6500 Fairmount Avenue
3rd Floor, Suite 8
El Cerrito, California

For appointments or further information:
(925) 451-8361 (cell)