Deane Juhan Webinars 2021 - Webinar Schedule with 3d Men

Somatic Movement Therapy Series – Webinar with Deane Juhan

Would you like to learn ways to release stress & tension? Do you spend hours sitting or standing at your job? Do you often feel overwhelmed or exhausted? Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Did you answer yes to all or some of the questions above? Deane Juhan, an Instructor of the Trager approach to movement re-education might help! Come and join Deane Juhan’s Webinar Series with YogaKula!

April 25 to June 6, 2021

Hands and Arms
Sunday, April 25th

  • Addressing issues in the wrists, elbows and shoulder sockets
  • How to seek our novel movements and the novel sensations they produce
  • Feeling the liquid bounce and shimmer of the tissues, their fluidity
  • Feeling the active elongation of muscle fibers and the relaxation of restrictive patterns

Shoulder Girdle
Sunday, May 2

  • Lifting Their Burden on the Ribcage
  • Exploring the entire “jacket” of muscles related to the shoulder that encases the ribcage and attaches to every vertebra.
  • Using the weights and momentum of movement to expand and soften this “jacket”
  • Using a variety of gravity’s vectors (hanging and swinging from different angles) to provide space for the underlying ribs and breath
  • Beginning to address mobility of the thoracic spine

Feet and Legs
Sunday, May 16

  • Addressing issues in the feet, ankles, knees and hip sockets
  • Beginning to open the lumbar spine
  • Connecting to the soles of the feet and their key sensory role in balance
  • Feeling weight in the joints and their sensory role in balance
  • Development of physical and mental grounding
  • Blending strong support (yang) with sensitivity (yin)

Pelvic Girdle
Sunday, May 23

  • Establishing the pelvis as the central skeletal-muscular structure of our bodies
  • Exploring the extensiveness of the musculature related to the pelvis, from the sacrum up to every rib, from pelvis down to below the knees, the abdominal wall and the viscera
  • Mobilizing the pelvis as “the bridge that walks”
  • Freeing and stabilizing the pelvis and sacrum as the foundations of the spine and support of the upper body

Sunday, May 30

  • Movements to unify shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle, legs, feet and spine
  • Adding the cervical column to the lumbar and thoracic columns
  • Extensively reviewing and deepening practice of all the previous classes
  • Moving the spinal core and its deepest muscles
  • Freeing every vertebra for flexibility forward, backward, side-bending, rotation and axial lengthening

Putting It All Together
Sunday, June 6

  • Unify the organic wholeness of the body system
  • The subtleties of heightened sensory awareness are never-ending.
  • The body and its sensations are always in the present moment of “now”.
  • The conscious mind tends to flicker between the past and the future. Attentiveness to the body’s “now” is a powerful way to ground consciousness in the “now”.
  • The mind is far more than the brain. The intimate intertwining of body and mind is co-extensive throughout our organism.
  • This intertwining is the source of our life force and a gateway to spiritual consciousness.
  • By means of this self-development approach, we can become more comfortable in our skins, more effortless and fluid in our movements, and more peaceful in our minds.
  • The opposite of stress is joy.

These schedules are on Sundays 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM PDT. We are going to use Zoom. You will receive the link in your confirmation email and also in an email 2 hours and 10 min before the event starts.

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