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Touched by the Goddess: The Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Dimensions of Bodywork

Whether you are a practitioner of Body work or simply dwell in a human body, this little gem of an essay collection is a user’s manual that you will refer to over and over again. Deane Juhan is one of the rare body gurus who not only combines scientific and artistic insight, but can illuminate his thoughts with eloquent mastery of the English language…an educator and a poet in the tradition of the Greeks. Keep this classic close at hand.


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Job’s Body: A Handbook for BodyworkPossibly the most famous and widely used resource in therapeutic bodywork, this beautifully written, detailed and reader-friendly picture of how and why the body responds to touch is both scientifically reliable and inspiring. Furthering the presentation of recent research in biochemistry, cell biology and energy medicine in the Second Edition, this new and greatly expanded edition includes advances in neurophysiology and physics, reconfiguring knowledge of mind and body, from microgenesis to quantum consciousness. A rare book, required reading for national massage therapy certification, that also serves the general reader.

I really appreciate, not only your tremendous bodywork skills and knowledge, but your ability to articulate the information with such elegance.

Many times during the weekend, your word choices delighted me and thereby left deeper impressions :).

I feel rejuvenated on levels that, it feels, will continue to unfold.

Wendy Fox

Seattle WA

Deane is a gifted teacher of bodywork, laying out the physiological and anatomical basis of massage and bodywork and how touch changes our thinking and feeling. His classic text, Job’s Body, is one of those books I have read and reread for more than twenty years. Anyone serious about change needs to understand how shifts happen in your body. Deane can show you the way.

Dawn AV

Marie Jordan Principal, BODYWISDOM Cambridge MA