Live Webinars

with Deane Juhan
For many years Deane has taught a large variety of classes on anatomy, physiology, the neurology of movement, breath, and the demonstrated treatment of all parts of the body for restricted movement, pain and overcoming dysfunctional patterns of movement.

These classes have been taught throughout the US, Europe and Japan. The classes—and more to be developed—will now be offered as live online webinars.

They will provide NDBTMB Continuing Education credit hours, and in some instances credit hours through The Yoga Alliance CE program.

This page will keep you posted for all upcoming online classes, invitations to join them on Zoom, and links for registration.

This is an exciting and inspiring new medium for Deane and his work. His intention is not just to offer not only the subject matter of each class, but his vision—gained by nearly fifty years of experience working with bodies and issues of many kinds—of an overall view of how the body-mind functions as an integrated whole. Much of the material is not to be found in the textbooks, but is the result of thousands of therapeutic sessions he has given over the years.

The material will be of interest to bodyworkers, therapists and movement educators of all kinds—massage therapists, yoga instructors and students, practitioners of Trager, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Deep Tissue Work, Rolfing, dance therapy, Cranio-Sacral Work, chiropractic, sports massage, personal trainers, and other disciplines of mind-body development.

Dean Juhan

Deane Juhan

Leading BodyWorker, Writer and Teacher

Dean Juhan

Curriculum Vitae: Deane Juhan, M.A., Eng. Lit.;
Ph.D. Candidate; Esalen Institute; Trager Training

Touched by the Goddess  Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork Originally trained in-residence at Esalen Institute from 1973 to 1990, Deane Juhan has been a professional bodyworker for 30 years. He is a Trager practitioner and instructor, with a private practice in the Berkeley area. The author of Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork and Touched by the Goddess: The Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Dimensions of Bodywork he has long had a passion for understanding the relations between mind, body and spirit and the creative forces at work in all self-development, healing and artistic expression. His workshops have been presented all across the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. Their content is focused on both cutting edge research into many aspects of the body-mind and his years of experience as a practitioner.
“Our bodies are our temples. The essential function of a temple is to provide communion, feed the soul and awaken the spirit. A temple is also, in and of itself, a work of art with a long history of development. In this workshop series I will be your tour guide, explaining the history of the evolution and the growth of mind, soul and spirit. On our tour we will examine these internal pieces of art, marvel at their intricacy and beauty and examine their meanings in our lives, and come to understand more fully how they link together to create and sustain the miracles we live out every day–breath, pulse, movement, feeling, consciousness, and our relationship with nature at large.” – Deane Juhan
Deane Juhan’s Web of Structure, Web of Chi workshop at Kripalu was all I had hoped for and more.

Juhan delivers solid, detailed, fascinating explanations of the most versatile and ubiquitous system in the human body. His message builds an appreciation of the nearly magical ways connective tissue creates, modifies, and adapts itself in its many manifestations, as well as the role we must play to maintain and nourish it.

He is brilliant, humorous, sensitive and creative, fielding questions from the most basic functions of the system to “What is life?,” without dropping a beat. Juhan knows his stuff and uses effective … beautiful … graphics to augment. By the end, he had all of us on our feet, actively rejuvenating our structural systems and raising the chi.

Pat Henry

Author, By the Grace of the Sea: A Woman's Solo Odyssey Around the World and Organic Stretching, a DVD "Connective Tissue, Web of Structure, Web of Chi" Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Stockbridge, MA, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2011

I work with one PT and two PTAs.

We all do an ‘in service’ after our CE classes. We have all been incorporating this work into our sessions! It has proven very beneficial! Also, the PT clinic is attached–combined with the fitness center.

I did some of the work to our gym manager–CrossFit instructor, who has terrible ROM in his shoulders and is very muscular. His ROM increased greatly from just a little work.

Kristen Sommers,

Raleigh NC "Resistance and Release Work" Raleigh, Sept. 23-25, 2011