Dear Friends

We are excited to announce a new series of online workshops and classes with renowned anatomy & physiology teacher Deane Juhan. Recordings are available if you can’t make the event.

Deane’s workshops are designed for teachers of Yoga, Movement, Performance, and Pain Specialists will include cutting-edge research and findings.

Deane Juhan eloquently brings alive and makes accessible and intriguing the subjects of anatomy and physiology. These workshops allow us to develop new images and new language in order to more deeply understand the anatomical, physiological, and philosophical aspects of the body-mind.

These workshops are designed to address the particular needs and concerns of bodyworkers of all kinds: yoga teachers and students, pilates and movement instructors and students, and anyone interested in understanding more about the body.

“Deane’s classes are outright fascinating, informative, and empowering. The visuals of the vast amount of slides would be worth the price of the class alone. It is Deane’s well-researched ability along with his decades of hands-on experience which solidifies an understanding that’s broader from what I already knew. I learned new facts today that I will immediately use when explaining to my clients what’s going on in their bodies.”

— Fawn Christianson, Trager practitioner and yoga instructor

CEU for NCBTMB: We will send you a certificate at the end of the series. You can use these hours to renew your board certification.

No pre-knowledge needed – just come with an open mind and a love for learning more about your body.

Deane Juhan’s Schedule


Deane Juhan - Anatomy of Anxiety - Illustration of a woman with thoughts seen in her head.

Anatomy of Anxiety (Online)

Learn how anxiety affects us and how attentiveness to the body—through yoga, meditation, mindfulness in all forms—can neutralize it.

September 17th 2pm-4pm PDT

Deane Juhan - The Living Matrix - silhouettes of 2 women on a beach in a yoga position

The Living Matrix: The Physical and Energetic Web That Weaves us. (Online)

Connective Tissue is one of the most extensive and remarkable substances in our bodies. Its importance for our structural cohesion, our movement and our energetic properties cannot be overstated.

October 15th at 2pm-4pm PDT


Deane Juhan - Restrictive Muscle Patterns - A woman in a yoga position

Restrictive Muscle Patterns: How They Are Formed and How to Release Them (Online)

Learn how the gamma motor guides our intentions into coherent action. It is the most often neglected and least understood features of all movement and motor control.

December 10 at 2pm-4pm PDT



Deane Juhan - Healthy Back Class - Women in yoga positions

Healthy Back Class With Deane Juhan and Saraswati Clere

Online + In-person + Recording Available

Learn about creating optimal strength, flexibility, posture and movement to support pain reduction, injury prevention and a freer range of motion. Learn ways to release tightness in the back and self-help techniques for optimal back care.

Pre-Registration required: regular class price

Sunday Sept 24 11am-1pm PDT