Montreal, Quebec on October 24-25, 2018

Trager WorkshopJoin Deane Juhan for his Trager Workshop at Monteal, Quebec in Canada on October 24-25, 2018.

The workshop will cover Trager Fundamentals and Resistance and Release Work.

Contact for Registration:
Louise deMontigny
(514) 843-8382 (cell)
(514) 843-8382 (office)

Resistance-Release Work is a way of interacting with gamma/alpha orchestrations, raising subconscious dimensions of their activities to conscious awareness, improving their coordination, expanding ranges of motion and eliminating pain caused by injuries and restrictions. Among the significant felt results are:

  • A heightened awareness of the body and its movements
  • Increased strength through improved coordination
  • An accompanying sense of ease of effort through more extensive and synergistic activation of motor units
  • Alleviation of pain, discomfort, stress and limitations

Resistance and Release work is designed to re-coordinate our musculature as a whole and to train more efficient and effective recruitments of muscular contractions and lengthenings involved in any position or movement, from feet to head and from sleeve to core.