The spine is the central support structure of your body, but stability is not its only important role. At the same time, it has to provide for wide ranges of movement—front to back, side to side, and rotational—so that you are able to function in the ways for which you are designed.

In order for our twenty-five vertebrae and sacrum to provide both sturdy support and fluid movement, the spine is invested with many interacting layers of muscle fibers. In fact, the spinal muscles and their interplay are the most complex of all in our bodies.

Poor postural habits that develop over time severely hamper both the weight bearing and movement capacities of the spine. Injuries can also dramatically compromise these functions.

A poorly supported and inflexible spine will impose many limitations upon your ability to successfully form the asanas of your yoga practice. Deane Juhan’s soft, pleasuring, relaxing meditative movements will:

  • Bring the body more fully into the mind’s sensory awareness
  • Develop more fluid and effortless movement
  • Bring a peaceful and focused calm to the mind
  • Open and release habituated restrictions that make many asanas difficult, uncomfortable, and even painful

These meditative movements can add a powerful tool to your yoga practice, giving you a deeper harmony between your mind’s intentions and your body’s abilities.

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