Trager Perspective with Resistance and Release Work
A Spine Clinic With Deane Juhan
El Cerrito, CA

The spine is our serpent within. It is our innermost core structure, the source of our most primal movements, and the direct neural connection between our brains and the rest of our bodies’ tissues and processes.

It includes our most complex skeletal structures, our most extensive ligament arrangements, and our most densely layered and interactive musculature.

The spinal muscles have to accommodate both powerful stresses and subtle adjustments. In our bipedal posture it is extremely vulnerable to postural distortions, abrupt shocks and injuries, pressures that can damage both discs and vertebrae, and habituated patterns of posture and movement that impose limitations on our movements, create discomfort and pain, and cause many general dysfunctions of our various systems.

There is no posture we can adopt or movement we can make without engaging the musculature of the spine–reshaping, bracing and stabilizing its own integrity, anchoring weights of distal body parts, and distributing force throughout our framework. Its strength, resilience, flexibility and adaptability is central to virtually all of our activities.

Resistance-Release Work has been the most significant development in my practice and teaching since my Esalen years and my early association with Dr. Trager. It is based upon his sensibilities and intentions, but it is a further extension of his work as it has been taught by his institute’s training program. The principles of the work are not difficult to learn initially, and their applications unfold endlessly as the practitioner becomes more familiar with them and with the holding patterns of their clients. Resistance-Release Work is a powerful addition to virtually any bodywork modality.

This class will certify 16 NCBTMB Continuing Education credit hours. The fee is $300, with a $100 deposit due at registration to secure your space–the class will be small, eight maximum, to ensure quality hands-on supervision.

Ladies, please bring a bra top or chemise to wear on the table.


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