Trager Perspective with Resistance and Release Work
A Shoulder Girdle Clinic With Deane Juhan
El Cerrito, CA

In the transition from four-legged to upright (either as an evolving species or as developing children), no area of our bodies has undergone more changes in function and movement than our shoulder girdles. The forelegs and their musculature that once provided direct support for our bodyweight must now in turn be supported by our rib cage, spine and two remaining legs. And for upright bipeds, the mass of our shoulder structure now raises our center of gravity well above our structural centers, vastly complicating the issue of balance, postural stability, and movement.

The immense trade-off has been the liberating of the arms and hands as our most useful physical tools for exploring and manipulating the world of objects around us. But in order to fully enjoy the advantages of these marvelous tools we must learn to operate them freely, manage their weight, and support the cantilevers they create as they extend into the space around us.

The group of muscles that control the arms is one of the most extensive in our bodies, reaching from the occiput to the pelvic rim in back, and from the pectorals through the abdominal wall in front. It forms a jacket that drapes our entire upper body. How we learn to wear this jacket, to shape-change it, and use it to provide both strength and precision of movement to our arms, has a profound impact upon our entire body and upon all our exploratory and manipulative skills as human beings.

Resistance-Release Work has been the most significant development in my practice and teaching since my Esalen years and my early association with Dr. Trager. It is based upon his sensibilities and intentions, but it is a further extension of his work as it has been taught by his institute’s training program.

The principles of the work are not difficult to learn initially, and their applications unfold endlessly as the practitioner becomes more familiar with them and with the holding patterns of their clients. Resistance-Release Work is a powerful addition to virtually any bodywork modality.

This class will certify 16 NCBTMB Continuing Education credit hours. The fee is $300, with a $100 deposit due at registration to secure your space–the class will be small, eight maximum, to ensure quality hands-on supervision.

Ladies, please bring a bra top or chemise to wear on the table.


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