Season’s greetings to all!

Deane JuhanAs we enter the closing of the year and the beginning of a fresh start for the future, let us pray that the season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and The New Year brings us renewal and hope, for we sorely need it.

All too often this time of celebration paradoxically seems to add to the stresses we have already been feeling: the pressures of obligations and increased expenses, the ironies of the realities that can cloud the joy we should and could be experiencing, and our forebodings that the present times seem to be visiting us as we think about that future.

And in these present times there is such an elevated level of stress, concern and anxieties. Is you hair on fire like mine? Catastrophic fires and hurricanes, climate warming that fuels them, a political climate that brings out the worst in many around us, global tensions that threaten hardship and conflict such as we have never seen before, economic squeezing that pushes us further and further into one corner or another, fears for our children’s future, the deterioration of our own peace of mind and spirit.

We all need extra support and relief from those stresses as the holidays approach once again.

Anxieties can flare up the vulnerabilities we all carry inside us—in our minds and in our bodies.

What I have to offer—my faith, my activism, my listening and my healing—I want especially to make available as we go through the months ahead. From now until the end of January I want to make a special offer of my services, to make them more affordable and available for everyone who could use a little peace, a respite from stress, and a relief from whatever pains and limitations any and all of you may be feeling at this time.

My regular fee for a two hour session of The Trager Approach and my own Resistance and Release Work has been $150. Until the end of January I want to offer a 33% discount, and make those two hour sessions available for $100.

For a prepaid series of 5 sessions, my normal rate has been $650. I want to offer that series for $450 for this season. And anyone who can refer a new client to me, I will offer a session for $75.

I wish I could give it all away for free, but I have to eat and keep a roof over my own head. My hope is that these discounts will make it more possible and attractive for you to experience the soothing and restorative nature of my work, and to avail yourselves of whatever physical, emotional, and spiritual support I can bring to you during these times.

To all my clients who have supported me all these years, and to all who have not experienced my work, I want to offer my 45 years of development in my work with body, heart, mind and soul to help you find some freedom from stress and pain, some hope for your own future, and the empowerment to cope with whatever the holidays and the new year may bring.

Bless you all, and bless the world we could be making together if we can just find the collective will and resources to bring it into being.