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Deane has been a practicioner of the Trager® Approach to movement therapy and education for 39 years, and is a member of the Massage Therapists Hall of Fame. Deane has practiced and taught throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.

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Job’s Body is possibly the most famous and widely used resource in therapeutic bodywork.

Required reading for national massage therapy certification and also serves the general reader.

Job's Body


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Interview with Sven Hosford

Interview with Sven Hosford Times in this cast: 2:17 - Calendar of events 8:30 - Deane Juhan Since it's publication in 1987, "Job's Body: A Handbook for Body Workers" by Deane Juhan...

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Join Deane Juhan’s webinar series hosted by Yoga Kula. For details and registration, Please contact Yoga Kula office at (510) 486-0264.

Private Sessions in Trager Psycho-Physical Integration: Resistance and Release Work

$150, approximately 75 minutes

Series Discounts:

$650 prepaid for 5 sessions, good for one year.

$1200 prepaid for 10 sessions, good for two years.

Tutorials in Trager Perspectives: Resistance and Release Work

In a one-on-one tutorial, Deane will work on you showing you his approach, then you will work on Deane as he guides you with feedback. Or, as an alternative, you can bring a silent partner as a “client”; Deane would demonstrate, and guide your practice.

With two students, Deane would demonstrate on each of you, then guide your practice while you work on one another.

With a small class of four, he would demonstrate on one of you, and guide your practice on one another.

One-on-one, $200 for two hours. NOW ONLY $150

Two students, $125 apiece. NOW ONLY $100

$150 per student per day for small groups

Private Sessions and Tutorials

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Available 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, seven days a week.


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For appointments or further information:
(925) 386-0131 (home)
(925) 451-8361 (cell)
deanejuhan [at] gmail [dot] com

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Touched by the Goddess

Whether you are a practitioner of Body work or simply dwell in a human body, this little gem of an essay collection is a user’s manual that you will refer to over and over again. Deane Juhan is one of the rare body gurus who not only combines scientific and artistic insight, but can illuminate his thoughts with eloquent mastery of the English language…an educator and a poet in the tradition of the Greeks. Keep this classic close at hand.
Dr. James Mally interviewDr. James Mally interviewed Deane Juhan about his work on February 28, 2011.

Deane Juhan may be best known as the author of Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork – which many consider the essential text on the means, methods, uses, and deeply personal applications of what has come to be known as “bodywork” – a vast, sophisticated series of modalities and techniques that take bodywork to the level of personal transformation at its greatest expression, profound emotional release and reintegration at its most basic core.

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Deane is on a roll!! The class focus on “Typical Sources of Injury” Injuries on Spine and Shoulder Girdle was outright fascinating, informative and empowering. The visuals of the vast amount of slides would be worth the price of the class alone.

It is Deane’s well-researched ability along with his decades of hands-on experience plus using X-rays and MRIs of his own spine as an example which solidifies an understanding that’s broader from what I already knew. I learned new facts today that I will immediately use when explaining to my clients what’s going on in their bodies.

Fawn Christianson

Trager Practitioner and Yoga Instructor

Last fall, I attended Deane Juhan’s Class exploring Resistance Release work with a focus on the pelvis and lower back.

The class was nothing short of electric as our collective mind/bodies underwent connection after connection regarding the power and possibility of this work. Receivers were getting up off the table with a profoundly different sense of themselves and how they inhabit their bodies. I was excited to take the work back into my practice. What I discovered is that Deane’s Resistance Release princples are very adaptable and lend themselves to virtually unlimited creative exploration. within the body. The changes are made and felt immediately and can be dramatic.

Because of this, I have found it beneficial to extend the integration portion of the session to allow time for the client to adjust, move, be with the changes in the body and the mind. I highly recommend this work. It is an open exploration of the bodymind’s possibilites as we tap into making active connections in the moment.

Jan Sandman

Montpelier, VT, 2013

Deane is an extremely creative teacher, tutor and instructor of Anatomy and Trager Psychophysical Integration. He goes beyond academic teachings.

Deane’s personality, intelligence and approach enables students and Practitioners to catch his passion for Trager as movement education and enjoy life and work as a very playful, enjoyable process of constant learning.

Deane’s constant searching for answers and deepening science of brain gives inspiration to everyone who is interested in miracle of life and movement. I’ve participated in Deane’s numerous classes since 1994 and I benefited tremendously in self and professional development.

I recommend Deane’s books, Classes and Trager sessions to every curious person. Deane is a treasure we all could use often.

Helena Kreowska Endorsement