Save The Date for Deane Juhan’s Webinar Schedule for July!

Deane Juhan’s July webinar series is now posted! These series is sponsored and hosted by Yoga Kula.

July 12
10:30 AM – 1:00 PM, PST

“The Pelvic Girdle”
The pelvic girdle is the primary organizer of our center of gravity. It is the largest and densest bone in the body and provides attachments for more muscles than any other bone—extending from the top of our torso to below our knees, and stabilizing us in the field of gravity. Because of the considerable forces of poor posture, chronic stress, and restrictive patterns of movement, the pelvis is vulnerable to many chronic imbalances, misalignments, and pain.

What is the skeletal and muscular anatomy of the pelvis?

  • How does the pelvic bowl support our internal organs, and how does this affect our process of breathing?
  • How does the pelvis affect the entire spine?
  • What are the typical skeletal areas and muscles that commonly contribute to stress and pain?
  • How are the yoga asanas designed to both strengthen and lengthen the muscles related to the pelvis?

July 26
10:30 AM – 1:00 PM, PST

“The Shoulder Girdle”
The musculature that empowers our arms is a very extensive group of synergistic muscles, extending from the skull to the pelvic girdle both posteriorly and anteriorly. It is a full “jacket” that encompasses our entire torso with attachments to every vertebra, the entire rib cage and the muscle of the abdomen. Its freedom of movement is central to our existence and creativity in many ways.

  • How is the free movement of the scapula essential for the arms’ range of movement?
  • How do restrictive muscular patterns in the shoulders compromise our breath and the health of our whole organism?
  • How does the shoulder girdle affect our posture, from feet to head?
  • How are asanas designed to lengthen, strengthen and re-organize this shoulder girdle “jacket?”

For more details and registration, please contact Yoga Kula office at (510) 486-0264 or visit their website at CEU available Yoga Alliance & NCBTMB. Recorded videos available if you cannot make the time.

July Webinar Schedule