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2:17 – Calendar of events
8:30 – Deane Juhan

Since it’s publication in 1987, “Job’s Body: A Handbook for Body Workers” by Deane Juhan has been considered a pivotal book in establishing “Bodywork” as much much more than massage for relaxation. While having a set procedure may each disfunction is useful for many body modalities, Juhan’s book amplified the work of his mentor Dr. Milton Trager in teaching body therapists to have a conversation with the living consciousness of the body of their clients, teaching the language of touch. In this podcast, Juhan just scratches the surface of his vast knowledge and understanding of how the body reacts and heals with touch. Philosophical, humble, profound and amazingly clear, Juhan is a towering intellect and an astonishing teacher of the deepest essences of the human body.

Juhan’s workshops for the Pittsburgh School of Massage CE Conference at Seven Springs coming up in November are full, and after hearing his wisdom in this cast, you will understand why.