Movement Meditations to Establish a More Mindful Foundation With Deane Juhan and Saraswati Clare

Our grounding on the Earth, our balance, and a more effortless locomotion relies upon your alertness and responsiveness to the sensory information streaming from your feet and legs.

This alert responsiveness becomes more and more alive the more deeply you can immerse yourself in the sensory awareness of the movements and sensations in your tissues in the “now.” The body’s sensations and reactions are always rooted in the “now,” and attending to them closely is essential to our coordination, flexibility, and strength.

Deane and Saraswati’s collaboration combines free-form movement and the structure of the asanas to develop more fully your sense of enlivened legs and your “feel” for a sturdy yet flexible basis for the grounding that is the foundation for all of your activities

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Deane Juhan - Healthy Feet and Legs Workshop May 5 - Legs and Bath tub