The pelvis is the center of our gravity and the crux of both the alignment of our bodies over our feet and the foundation of the spine’s posture. There are many ways that its stability and movement can be compromised.

More muscular is attached to the pelvic bones than to any other bone structure in the body. They span upwards through many layers of muscle and connective tissue all the way to the top of the spine and to all the ribs. They span downwards to below the knees.

When this expansiveness of muscle groups is too rigid, or too weak, or chronically mismatched in length and tone, this core of posture and movement interferes with every movement we make and makes virtually all the asanas more difficult to achieve.

Through the meditative movement of Mentasitcs, the work of Dr. Milton Trager, Deane Juhan will help you soften and lengthen the holding patterns that have built up around the pelvis and prepare your body for a far easier access to adopting the shapes of the asanas.

Both stabilizing and freeing the movements from our core are the goals.

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