Three-Part Series Live Stream with Deane Juhan

Join Deane Juhan for a free live online webinar on May 5, 2021, organized by the UK organization Embodied Health Learning. Deane will discuss Unwinding the Cranium and Neck, and in particular, Deane will discuss the muscular anatomy of the jaw and neck and techniques for their release.

Schedule of the free May 5 live stream:

19h – 20h United Kingdom
11 am – 12 pm PST
2 pm – 3 pm EST

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The Unwinding The Cranium And Neck with Deane Juhan is a three-part series[] that will teach you the following:

  • An in-depth imaging of the musculature of the jaw and neck
  • An understanding of how their dysfunctional patterning can inhibit the rhythmic movements of the skull and the upper dural structures
  • Simple and effective treatment for the unwinding of these muscular restrictions

Part I (May 12)
Musculature Of The Jaw And Its Effect Upon Skull Bone And Tectal Movements

Part II (May 19)
Musculature Of The Neck And Its Effects Upon The Free Gliding Of The Upper Neck Dura

Part III (May 26)
Demonstrated Techniques For The Release Of Restrictive Patterning Of The Jaw And Neck

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Deane Juhan - Unwinding the Cranium and Neck - Deane with client