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Mark your calendars for the upcoming Webinars by bodyworker and Trager practitioner, Deane Juhan.

This series of Deane Juhan webinars are hosted and sponsored by Yoga Kula.

August 02
10:30 AM – 1:00 PM, PST

“The Neck and Jaw”

The muscles of the jaw and neck include some of the strongest, relative to their size, in the body (muscles of biting and chewing) and some of the most delicate and subtle in their functions (the musculature of articulate speech). The neck is the skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and neural link between the brain and the rest of the body. Its freedom of movement (and its restrictive patterns) affects a wide range of our organism’s health and dysfunctions.

  • How do dysfunctional muscular patterns of the neck and jaw create distortions of the cranial bones and adversely restrict the freedom of their movement in the crania-sacral rhythms?
  • How do the muscles of chewing effect many dental problems?
  • How does the musculature of the mouth and throat shape the quality of our voice in verbal communications?
  • How do restrictions in the jaw and neck affect our lymphatic and immune systems?

August 23
10:30 AM – 1:00 PM, PST

“The Lower Legs and Feet: Grounding, Balance, and Connection to the Earth”

Our bipedal balancing act is the most complex and precarious in the animal kingdom. This is the evolutionary price we have paid for a spine that aligns in gravity and for the freedom of our shoulders and arms. Ultimately bipedal posture and movement are rooted in our feet, which bear the responsibility for supporting our full weight and for balancing our bodies over their platforms. To serve us well, they have to be exquisitely sensitive, extraordinarily strong, and mindfully monitored in their flexible functions.

This class will present the anatomy of the lower legs and feet, their neurological connections to the rest of our bodies, and the psychological impacts of being in either the state of dynamic ease or that of being chronically “out of kilter.”

  • How does the structure of the feet mirror the complexity of the hands?
  • What are the “intrinsic” and “extrinsic” muscles of the feet, and how do their roles interact?
  • How do sensations in the feet interact with our vestibular system of our inner ears for the maintenance of balance?
  • Why do injuries to the feet require radical compensation patterns throughout the rest of the body?

August 30
10:30 AM – 1:00 PM, PST

“Our Vessel of Consciousness: The Body as the Landscape of Perception”

“Better keep yourself clean and bright, for you are the window through which you must see the world,” said George Bernard Shaw. A large part of the work of self-development and healing is the cleansing of our window both physically and mentally so that we can perceive a reality that is wider, more vivid, more complete and unified, and one which offers the richest potentials of self and world to us.

This class will present the theory of perception developed by Jason Brown, a contemporary neurologist of little acclaim but of profound and cutting edge significance. His recounting of the processes of perception and the emergence of the conscious “now” is the most exciting I have ever come across. It is the only one I have read that offers a description of how the nervous system works to produce the awareness of a self and a world that corresponds to my own experience of those realities.

  • How do the stages of the evolution of the human brain, the development of the brain in the embryo and fetus, and the emergence of each moment of the conscious “now” follow the same paths of development?
  • How does the arrival of the sense of “self” from the depths of the unconscious form the basis for all further perception?
  • How is heightened sensory awareness crucial in the perception of self and world?
  • How does “projection” work in molding a world that corresponds to our own past experience, our expectations and our biases?
  • What is the work of weeding out our personal projections in order to establish a world view and a purpose that we can mutually agree upon?

September 13
10:30 AM – 1:00 PM PST

“The Science behind Mind-body Medicine”

Learn how our emotional state may affect not only our feelings but also our immune system, cellular and tissue healing of the body’s tissues.

  • Functions of this fascinating system that pull together felt emotions, immune responses, and cellular and tissue healing processes.
  • Develop new images and new language in order to more deeply understand the anatomical, physiological, and philosophical aspects of the body-mind.
  • This workshop is designed to address the particular needs and concerns of bodyworkers of all kinds: yoga teachers and students, pilates and movement instructors and students, and any one interested in understanding more about the body.

For more details and registration, please contact Yoga Kula office at (510) 486-0264 or visit their website at CEU available Yoga Alliance & NCBTMB. Recorded videos available if you cannot make the time.


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