There are no citations
for recklessness in love
but there are consequences
emotional lacerations
ER units of the soul
where instruments divine
the damage inflicted
an attempted prognosis
a plan for stabilization.

First,staunch the flow.
Second, lower expectations.
Third, cauterize dangling capillaries
of hope hurt useless compromise.
Locate the spurting artery
where the heart wastes its beating
ejaculating life into the dust.

Fourth, assess future risks.
Mock up the vehicle
man it with plastic souls
calculate the velocities
angulate trajectories
plan the impact
analyze whatever shatters
sift through practice repetitions
every nuance of potential fracture
every feature that might mitigate
the circumstance of two velocities
caught in equal and opposite reaction.

Disassemble all the parts
shock absorbers twisted frames
ruptured lines of thought and feeling
note all the chains of cause
that lead to all effects.

Redesign the road the car
anticipate in every way
any sudden blatant crash
put in place all safety features
that might turn wounds into a lesson
that in the end might serve to lessen
the bloody painful resolution
of every dreadful future smash.

Soften love? If we could only.

Copyright April 18, 2004 by Deane Juhan

Image Copyright Rex Features