Unfortunately, this workshop has been postponed. We’ll be in touch soon with a new date.

Many asanas (and many, many daily activities) require the strength and flexibility of our arms, wrists, and hands. It is the dexterousness of these structures that is the basis of our use of all manner of tools—one of the most precious capacities of human beings.

Movement explorations with Deane Juhan will give you the skills to develop and maintain the optimal freedom of movement in the shoulder sockets, elbows and lower arm, wrists, thumbs, and fingers.

Saraswati Clare’s teaching will develop this coordinated freedom in the strength, flexibility, and alignments of shoulder sockets, arms, and hands for the pain-free and injury-free asanas that rely on these structures for sturdy support.

Deane Juhan - Arms Wrists and Hands - Woman's hands