by Deane Juhan

Touching Upon Touch

While the English language has no word that adequately names an entity that fully embraces and fuses the physical and mental dimensions of our being, and while a still-pervasive Cartesian conceptual framework perpetuates the the notion of a clear distinction between body and mind, our language does have a word which–in its richly manifold meanings–embodies the multi-layered dynamics that permeate our flesh, our feelings, our thoughts and our relationships with one another and with the world.

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Resistance/Release Work Underlying Principles

The polarities of energetic forces–attraction/repulsion, expansion/contraction, push/pull, resistance/release–are the essence of all organizations of matter, from atoms to molecules to cell membranes to complex life forms. Virtually all our varieties of... read more

Resistance, Release and Re-Coordination The Deane Juhan Method

My approach to the re-coordination of dysfunctional and restricted muscular patterns is the synthesis of my 39 years of professional bodywork, training, and research. I began my career in 1974 as a member of the massage crew at Esalen Institute, where I practiced and... read more

Resistance/Release Notes Plus Protocol Example: The Shoulders

RESISTANCE RELEASE NOTES I am very excited about this work, which began to blossom for me in a class on the neck and shoulders in New Hampshire earlier this year. It has continued to explode for me in my own sessions; I am thrilled to see its effectiveness with my... read more

What is a Miracle?

The eminent British biologist Gregory Bateson once said that “A miracle is a materialist’s idea of how to escape from his materialism.” That is to say, miracles are the back-door explanations for events occurring outside the commonly accepted laws of... read more

Medical Massage: A Marriage or a Monster?

If you google “medical massage” you will turn up 3,210,000+ entries. Clearly something of a large dimension is developing in this potential sector of our rapidly growing profession. And, as is the case with any broad movement, their are a variety of... read more